How to send high-performing emails in half the time

How to send high-performing emails in half the time
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Amandine Liepmann, LISTBURST FounderAmandine Liepmann is an expert-vetted, top 1% email marketer on Upwork. She's also the Founder of LISTBURST.
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Email marketing has become one of the most effective ways businesses communicate with their audience. It also has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. (Litmus 2021)

However, creating a new email from scratch for each campaign can be time-consuming and inefficient. This is where email templates come in.

In this blog post, I'll discuss what email templates are and why business owners use them to reach their target audience and nurture potential customers.

What is an email template?

An email template for Mailchimp is a pre-designed email that can be customized and reused for various campaigns. Email templates are designed to be flexible, allowing businesses to modify them based on their specific needs and branding.

As a professional, I've found the most successful email templates are drag-and-drop. When there are no custom graphics to update, you can swap out elements like photos and text to make updating and sending emails a breeze.

Most email templates include customizable elements such as images, text, buttons, and social media icons. These elements can be rearranged and modified to suit the needs of a particular campaign.

LISTBURST's industry-specific templates pull from my experience working with professionals in those areas. They also have a tutorial teaching you how to customize the template to make it your own.

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Why Use Email Templates for Email Marketing?

⏱️ Saves Time

Creating an email from scratch can be time-consuming, especially if you're not a professional designer. By using email templates, businesses can save significant time and effort.

Email templates allow businesses to create professional-looking emails in a fraction of the time it would take to design an email from scratch. This means businesses can send more emails and run more campaigns, leading to better results.

✅ Consistent Branding

Consistent branding is crucial for any business, and email templates can help to ensure that all marketing emails have a consistent look and feel. Using pre-designed email templates allows businesses to maintain a consistent brand identity across all email campaigns.

Consistent branding can help to build brand recognition and trust with your audience. When your subscribers receive an email that looks and feels familiar, they're more likely to engage with your content and take action.

✨ Improved Engagement

Email templates can also help to improve engagement with your audience. Sending regular, consistent emails creates a relationship with your subscriber.

LISTBURST email templates are designed with best practices in mind, including:

  • Industry-specific details 
  • Eye-catching design
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Dark mode compatibility
Fleur Retail Email Template for Mailchimp


By using email templates designed to improve engagement, businesses can increase the likelihood that their subscribers will open and engage with their emails. This can lead to better results and a higher return on investment for email marketing campaigns.

🎨 Easy to Customize

One of the most significant advantages of email templates is that they're easy to customize. Most email templates are designed to be flexible, allowing businesses to modify them based on their specific needs and branding.

Customization options can include changing the color scheme, adding or removing elements, and updating the copy. Businesses can create unique email campaigns tailored to their specific audience and goals.

LISTBURST's templates for Mailchimp also come with instructions for how to write email marketing campaigns to your email subscribers in a way that will grab their attention and make them feel heard.

Drag and drop editing in Mailchimp makes it easy to quickly customize email templates, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking to save time and get better results.

They also allow businesses to create professional-looking emails quickly and easily, maintain consistent branding across campaigns, improve engagement with subscribers, and level up their email campaigns.

💰 Cost-Effective

Finally, purchasing an email template from LISTBURST is significantly less expensive than working with me, an email marketing expert. It's a great way to get the most out of your email marketing with very little investment.

Email templates from LISTBURST can be cost-effective for businesses that want to improve their email marketing campaigns. Custom email design can get expensive quickly.

Email templates allow businesses to create professional-looking emails without breaking the bank. This means businesses of all sizes can benefit from email marketing, regardless of their budget.

Why use professional email templates from LISTBURST?

I created LISTBURST templates for busy professionals just like you. I'm an expert-vetted, top 1% email marketer who truly cares about your success. Every email template for Mailchimp comes with a tutorial to guide you through learning: 

  • How to connect with your target audience
  • How to design, edit, and make your template your own
  • Best practices for deliverability and keeping your email out of SPAM

Every template I sell comes also with 30 days of email support directly from me. 


Amelia Photography Email Template for Mailchimp



What are fully responsive email templates?

Great question! Responsive emails adjust easily to different formats such as mobile and desktop. All of the email templates I sell have been Litmus-tested on the top 50 devices to ensure it appears exactly how you want it to across platforms. 

What are customizable email templates? What does that mean?

A customizable email template is one you purchase and then update with your branding. 

What email marketing platform should I use for my email template?

All of LISTBURST's email templates are for Mailchimp. However, we'll be rolling out additional templates for other platforms soon. Sign up for my email list here for updates. 

What's the difference between a custom email template and a pre-made email template?

A custom email template is one where you'll meet with an email designer like me to create something totally unique for your brand.

A pre-made email template from LISTBURST pulls from my experience working with professionals in specific areas so you can get an idea of what to include in your email. However, these emails are different as you'd purchase this from LISTBURST and customize to make it your own. 

What is a drag-and-drop editor in Mailchimp?

Drag and drop editing means you can very easily swap out different elements of the email without having to create custom graphics. It's a much faster way to send an email and has a higher rate of deliverability. 

What kind of emails can I use an email template for?

You could use an email template for any kind of communication you're sending in Mailchimp. LISTBURST's email templates are master templates. This means you can purchase one template and re-arrange all of the elements of the email so it looks different each time you use it. 

My email templates can be used for: 

  • General newsletters
  • New product launches and highlights
  • Sales
  • Welcome series
  • Post-purchase follow-up
  • Review requests
  • Abandoned carts
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Email templates are valuable for businesses that want to improve email marketing campaigns and reach their target audience. They're easy to customize, cost-effective, and can help to improve engagement and brand recognition. By investing in email templates, businesses can save time and resources and see better results from their email marketing campaigns.

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